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Today is a sacred day to recapitulate the Glory of God and His relationship with human beings. Ramayana is not a story that had an end. You are living it. Ramayana must be experienced in the heart; not investigated as a mental phenomenon. As you go on reading and ruminating, its inner meaning will become clear even as your mind is cleansed. Rama is the son of Dasharatha (one with ten chariots). The ten chariots are the senses, the five Karmendhriyaas (sense organs of action) and the five Jnaanendhriyaas (organs of perception). Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi and Prema are the four children of King Dasharatha. Rama is Sathya; Bharatha is Dharma; Lakshmana is Prema and Shatrughna is Shanthi. Take these....

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