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Exulting in praising the Lord is the hallmark of the real good. Avoid being in the company of people who revel in sensory talks. Choose to spend your time in the company of the Divine and be engaged in the Lord’s activities. Only those who act in accordance to the above are God’s own (Bhagavathas). Reading and enjoying the stories of the glory of Krishna (Lord) in a sacred hall, temple, shrine, or hermitage of a saint, or being in the company of the virtuous and the good — that is a source of great inspiration and joy. You can approach pious people, serve them, and listen to their exposition of the glories of God. Taste for such wholesome literature is....

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  • Multimedia Reviewers Workshop on 25th and 26th December 2014 @ Prasanthinilayam Click here to Register

    Human Value Workshop on 27th and 28th December 2014 @ Prasanthinilayam

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