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Loving God is Living His message 1 year ago

Loving god is living his message

“To love Swami is to follow Swami.”

During an interview, Swami asked, “So, what is this paduka pooja?”

One of the senior research scholars explained the concept and associated rituals to Swami. To that, Swami said, “No, no, no! That is notpaduka pooja. Walking in the steps of the Master is the real paduka pooja which I want you all to do.” Taking a cue from these words, I think loving Swami is about following His footsteps.

I am reminded of one very beautiful experience that happened in the Trayee Brindavan during the Trayee sessions. Bhagawan was sitting on the jhoola(swing) and in His inimitable style said, “So boys, do you love Me?”

In response, there was a thunderous chorus, “Yes Swami, we love You!”

Bhagawan’s reaction, however, was very different. Nodding in disapproval, He said, “No, my boys don’t love Me, My boys only like Me.”

Everybody wanted to now know the difference between ‘loving’ and ‘liking’ Bhagawan.

And then Swami went on to explain this in a very beautiful manner, He said, “You have a dog at home and all along you pet the animal and caress it, you give it a bath and want to play with it, feed it, etc. But do you really follow the dog through every moment of its life. Wherever the dog runs, do you run behind it? No, you don’t. Then, how can you say whether you like or love the dog?”

And then, Swami said something that probably hurt a lot of us. He said, “My boys like Me too in the same manner.

They want to be with Me and around Me, they want to feed Me and see Me happy but don’t want to follow what I say.

On the other hand, loving God is when you love Him for His sake. You follow His message. The approach is selfless and unlimited. 

we would conditionally or conveniently follow Swami’s teachings as per our choice. For example, Swami has categorically mentioned that television is tele-visham - poison. It was actually surprising that as long as we were in Prasanthi Nilayam, we were somehow happy not to be able to watch television.

true loving is to follow Bhagawan’s teachings through every moment of your life, and not just when you are within His immediate vicinity. Bhagawan has reiterated this to us several times. 

In other words, instead of limiting the love to a few aspects of devotion, it must translate into everything that we do in our daily lives.

On the other hand, loving God is when you love Him for His sake. You follow His message. The approach is selfless and unlimited. 

I’m reminded of  a story from the life of Buddha. Ananda was His cousin and when Buddha attained enlightenment, Ananda decided to spend all his time with Him. But before taking initiation, he wanted to make sure that he is not treated at par with all the other disciples and wished to retain his status as the elder cousin brother of Buddha.

if we look at Ananda’s example, when he was a shadow to Buddha during his lifetime, I would say that he only ‘liked’ Buddha. It was only after Buddha left His mortal coil that Ananda began to ‘love’ Him. If only Ananda had ‘loved’ Buddha when He was with him in the physical form, imagine what a wealth of spiritual development he would have gained for himself.

it is really about living by the spirit of the Master’s words which is much more important than taking the words in their literal sense.

As Swami always says, ‘If you love somebody, you must actually make that person happy rather than look for your own happiness’.

I have a beautiful anecdote to share that took place recently when Bhagawan’s physical form was not keeping too well. There was this devotee travelling with Bhagawan in the car when he thought it would be good opportunity to speak to Baba and voice his concern about His health.

So he prayed to Bhagawan to cure Himself. In response, Swami instantly said, “Why? I am fine.”

Again, the devotee went on, “No Swami, but we are not happy because we don’t feel happy looking at You like this.”

Then Bhagawan smiled and said, “Oh, so for your happiness you want Me to cure Myself.”

The message that He gave was loud and clear - that we are really not concerned about Bhagawan’s happiness but in the name of love we are more concerned about our own state of joy at the sight of Baba.

We are stuck in that phase of ‘what’s in it for me’.

How can we live with him spiritually? Jesus Christ said :'I am the Truth, I am the way and I am the Life.' Baba says: "Follow me." We should follow the Master. Master  stand for truth . If you want to follow the Master, you should hold on to Truth, follow the path of righteousness.  This is living with God. The meaning of living with God is that you love Him intensely, much more than family and property. 

Bhagawan says the medicine is like loving Swami but the diet is about following His teachings. Then He says, “So if you, the patient, who is suffering from this ailment of thesamsara (worldly existence), needs to get healthy you must a) love Bhagawan and b) follow His teaching. In other words, imbibe Aushadham and the Pathyam.”

Once  janaka while explaining to bharatha said,”The dharma of love is that you need to ask your beloved Lord in what lies His happiness and implicitly follow those words. It is about not imposing on Him what brings joy and happiness to you.”

Hearing this, we all know that Bharata immediately submitted himself to Rama after having realized what true love means. He accepted to rule the kingdom of Ayodhya on behalf of Lord Rama because in that lay the joy and happiness of Lord Rama

. Swami says, “God is love. Love is God. Live in love.” That is why He often says: “Start the day with love. Fill the day with love. End the day with love.” This is His message. In fact, His life has been His message. Now, our life should be His message. What is that message? 

Swami gave a simple reply in Telugu,
Premanu panchuko penchuko (share Love and thus expand Love)." We all have received His divine love. We need to share that love with all people. The more we share, the more it expands! love is my form, truth is my breath bliss is my food… my life is my message expansion is my life….

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Loving God is Living His message 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Very nice post! Truly great and mystifying!

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