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Value based stories 1 year ago

Different Ways

Once, an aged man was going to attend a religious gathering. A young man left his home to go and meet his fiancée. As they went on their way, their paths led them to the
same road. They met on the road. Soon, both the travellers began to talk and they became very friendly with each other.

The aged man said to
the young one, "Why don't you come with me to attend the religious gathering? You will learn about religious teachings too."

"No, thank you. I think you should come with me to meet my beautiful fiancée. You can also have a grand
lunch with us."

But the aged man refused and soon both the
friends went on their different ways. But at the religious gathering, the aged man kept thinking of the beautiful woman he could have met. While the young man kept wandering about the religious teachings he could have heard of.

So it's truly said that a person may not
change himself but always thinks for the things, the other person possesses.

Value based stories 1 year ago

A fly and an ant once got into an argument.

Said the fly to the ant, scornfully: “You cannot compare yourself with me. I am far better than you. You can fly in the air. You have to crawl on the ground. Men trample on you. But they cannot do so with me. In fact, I mix with the best people. I can sit on a king’s head, or even on a queen’s nose. And I don’t have to work for a living.”

“Well!” answered the ant, “Men trample on me by accident. But you they drive you away on purpose, since you are a great nuisance. You sit on a king’s head or a queen’s nose uninvited. The reason you get away, is because you are so small. As for not working, you will know when winter comes. I will then have my reward for having worked all summer and storing food. while you will starve.

Moral: No pain ,no gain!.

The stories appearing on the page have been taken from the book "Panchatantra" (Retold by Vernon Thomas).

Value based stories 1 year ago

Do What You Say. :

Once, a poor and lonely old man lived in a small village. Many a times, he would say, "I have no family. It would be better if I was dead." 

Every morning, he went to the forest. He would cut some trees and gather the woods in a bundle. Then he would sell it in the market. With his earned money, he would eat some food at a small food stall. 

Once, he had high fever. But he still went to work because if he would not go, then he would not get the money for food and medicine. As he was carrying back the bundle of woods, he again said, "I have no one to help me. I wish Yamraj takes me away." 

Yamraj, the Lord of Death was passing by. He heard the old man's voice. So he appeared before the old man and asked him to accompany him to Heaven with him. But the old man got scared and said,' "Oh! I was only asking for some help." Yamraj helped the old man to carry the bundle and thought with a smile, "He does not believe in doing what he says."


Value based stories 1 year ago

On a farm there once lived a number of cockbirds, amongst whom one looked far better than the rest. He was not only bigger, but fatter, as well. His master, the farmer, called him a prize bird.

The prize cockbird was very proud of himself. He was always boasting of his great strength. He would challenge the other birds to battle. In great fear, none would dare fight him.

However, the truth was, that the prize cockbird was far from being what he made himself out to be. He looked bigger, because he walked taller than the others. He looked fatter, because he thrust out his chest and puffed out his feathers. If any other cockbird had cared to fight him, it would have been proved that the prize cockbird was, in fact, a great weakling. The prize cockbird got away with everything, simply because none dared to call his bluff.

One day the farmer invited some of his friends to dinner.

“I want you to roast that prize cockbird for tonight,” he ordered his cook.

The cook went, and soon killed the prize cockbird. As he plucked off its feathers, and began to roast it, he grew more and more amazed. The cockbird looked small and lean, and quite unfit to eat.

“I can hardly believe it,” said the cook to the maid, when she came to take the roasted bird to the dinner table.

“Our master is sure to be angry, said the maid. Wondering what she would tell him.

“You can say that his prize cockbird was nothing but a great boast but alas, a poor roast!” answered the cook, with a laugh.

Moral:All that glitters is not gold..

The stories appearing on the page have been taken from the book "Panchatantra" (Retold by Vernon Thomas).


Value based stories 1 year ago

Doctor Croaky :

One day a frog left the pond of the village and hopped to a lake in a nearby forest. He went to the forest to make his new home there. When he reached there he did not see anyone around. He wanted to meet everyone and make new friends. So the frog climbed a high rock by the lake and said, "Friends, please come here. I am new here. I want to meet all of you. I have come from the village." 

Many animals heard his voice and came to the lake. The deer, the tortoise, the duck, the rabbit, the birds, the squirrel, the butterfly and the fox came there. The frog said, "Let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Croaky. I am a doctor who can cure any ailment that you might be suffering from. I have medicines for all animals’ diseases. You can come to meet me anytime." 

Hearing this, the fox said, "If you can cure everyone then why haven't you cured your lame legs? See how you keep hopping around all the time." 

All the animals and birds laughed at the frog. The frog went red with shame for his lie had been detected.


Value based stories 1 year ago

A cockbird one morning sat on a fence crowing loudly. Not far away a fox heard him, and made up his mind to eat the cockbird. Up came the fox, therefore, to the cockbird and said brightly:

“Have you heard the latest news?”

“No! What is it?” asked the cockbird.

“Peace has been made between the birds and the animals,” announced the fox. “From now on, all will be friends.”

“And what does that mean?” asked the cockbird.

“That means, for example, the wolf will not eat the lamb in the future,” explained the fox. “The cat will not kill the mice. The lion will not chase the stag. And, of course,” he ended with a sly smile, “I will not eat you.”

“Well, that is very good,” said the cockbird, without believing it. “I am certainly glad.”

“I am glad, too,” said the fox. “Now I can be your friend. Come down and let us take a walk together.”

At that the cockbird raised his neck, and pretended to be looking at something at a distance.

“What is it you see?” asked the fox curiously.

“I see some hounds coming this way,” answered the cockbird slyly. “No doubt, they are coming to give us the good news.”

“In that case, I’d better be off.”said the fox in alarm.

“But why?” cried the cockbird. “You have no reason to fear. Those dogs will not do you any harm.”

“Oh, they just might!” said the fox quickly. “There’s a chance, they might not have heard the news yet.” He began to run away, as the cockbird began to laugh.

Moral: Trust with caution keeping your wits about you, and you’ll be out of trouble

The stories appearing on the page have been taken from the book "Panchatantra" (Retold by Vernon Thomas).


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