and Training
THE SSSVV CONTENT IS HOSTED ON A Learning Management System (LMS)
based on one of the world’s leading LMS platforms, Moodle.
Moodle is an open-source, feature-rich, secure, accessible platform supporting good pedagogical practices.

The Purpose of the LMS

Distribution of SSSVV content to supported schools
Provision of training modules to train SSSVV volunteers and teachers of supported schools

The SSSVV content is organised on the LMS in course formats, one each for CBSE and seven state boards - Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Gujarat.
New state boards are added as and when content is ready.

 The SSSVV content is available for Classes 1 to 8, covering subjects:

Environmental Sciences
Social Science
English Grammar

Supporting our Teachers

Apart from SSSVV volunteers, only teachers of supported schools are onboarded on the LMS based on school data, and are allowed access to SSSVV content on completion of mandatory training . The LMS can be accessed using web browsers on desktop / laptop / mobile and a specially developed mobile app. The organisation of the content is done for easy access, navigation and downloading of content by teachers for use in the classroom.

The LMS provides various types of reports to monitor content usage by teachers as well as progress made by teachers in training modules. Detailed feedback reports are generated based on schools of a particular state or on the basis of specific schools and all actionable feedback is reviewed by subject matter experts for incorporation.

For new visitors to the LMS, access is given to a sample course for them to understand how the content is presented.



Activities of the SSSVV Training team

The SSSVV training team has a continuous and supportive professional engagement with the teachers of our supported schools. Training programs include online live sessions along with learning management system (LMS) based courses and offline workshops. Online training is imparted through the Moodle based LMS which enables self-paced learning through our LMS based website and mobile app. Offline training is given at a common location for a group of school teachers by resource persons visiting the schools to train the teachers.

If students need to achieve higher order thinking, like adapting, devising, collaborating, and so on, teachers have to be upskilled with the necessary competencies - knowledge, skill and attitude (KSA).  The SSSVV training modules are developed by employing design thinking processes, to design a training course for achieving the specific KSA defined. This training is currently provided as a hybrid model. Our trainers come from all walks of life and may not be well-versed in training and facilitation skills. Therefore, to provide continuous and comprehensive training and support to our trainers, we conduct weekly TATVAM (Talk - Analyse - Train - Validate - Affirm - Mentor) sessions. These are online sessions where Mentors/Trainers are trained in facilitation skills and active-interactive training skills in order to deliver training workshops to teachers effectively.

As per NEP 2020 for students to achieve 21st century skills, the teachers’ skills need to be constantly upgraded through continuous professional development (CPD) which is currently being taken as a three-track approach in SSSVV. Teachers are given due credits for investing their time and upgrading their pedagogical as well as subject knowledge. Teachers who show high capability would also be supported to become trainers who can, in turn, train other teachers. 

Track 1 - In-service Training which has online training courses and subject expertise training 
Track 2 - Mentoring teachers by our Trainers/Mentors
Track 3 - Class observation and expert feedback on pedagogy

How can I become a part of this team?

Schools / institutions wanting to avail SSSVV training and implementation services may kindly provide the following details

All fields are required.


Are you inclined to volunteer in development of training content and imparting training to teachers? Can you spare a couple of hours a day or 8 to 10 hours a week? Are you a person with training experience or have created content before or would like to liaise with various team members?

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