SSSVV Multimedia Team

The purpose of the multimedia or MM team is to enrich content using effective, original audio-visuals that create a transformative teaching and learning experience for the stakeholders of SSSVV. Broadly, there are two types of multimedia (MM) content which gets created:

Content for Schools

Presentations, sketches, graphics/photographs, videos, animation, audio files are created to enrich Classroom, Corridor, Campus and Community content.

Non-school Content

For training, events, social media, etc. Presentations, posters, newsletters, brochures, videos, animations are created for enriching the content for training, social media, internal and external communications, events such as exhibition, drama, volunteers’ meet etc.

Volunteers across the globe with multimedia skills contribute in enriching content by creating effective multimedia content keeping the audience in mind.  Any of the following skills are what we look for in a prospective volunteer: 
- Presentation creation using MS PowerPoint
- Hand-drawing / Sketching / Digital drawing
- Still-graphics designing and photography (skill to handle graphics in any graphics software e.g. Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign/Canva/Adobe Express/3D Graphics …)
- Audio recording/mixing/editing (knowledge and skill to record/mix/edit audio with the help of different audio editing softwares e.g. audacity/audition/sound forge…)
- Animation (Adobe animator/Flash/3D…)
- Video editing and shooting (Corel video studio/Adobe Premiere/After Effects/Vegas Pro/Final cut pro…)
- Copywriting
- Web designing 

The volunteers are further divided into five different streams based on their skill.  The streams are: 

Multimedia Aids Creation (MAC) stream
Creates MM Aids for classroom content mainly using MS PowerPoint.
Still Graphics Stream
Creates all kinds of still graphics: sketches / photography / publications / 3D modelling
Audio Stream
Creates and mixes audio files
Animation Stream
Creates animations
Video Stream
Creates / edits / shoots videos

Volunteers in all these streams participate in different roles in the multimedia creation process.  The roles are: 
MM Volunteer - Creates multimedia content for different streams of MM based on their skill/expertise
MM Mentor - Mentors the MM volunteers to enhance their skill while contributing towards quality assurance
MM Reviewer- Reviews the multimedia outputs for their visual appeal, relevance, authenticity and ease-of-use based on our Quality Content Framework.

How can I become part of this team?

Are you inclined to volunteer in the development of multimedia content to benefit every teacher and student of our country? Do you have multimedia skills, or have created multimedia content? Can you spare a couple of hours a day or 8 to 10 hours a week? Are you open to learning and a good team player? If yes, please contact us at:
[email protected] +91 95427 10900