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Asset Banao Challenge (ABC)

Multimedia (MM)

  • Create assets online

  • ITV support - Content Search and PPT

  • Coordination work - Facilitate ease of content creation

  • Creating Illustrations/Still Graphics

  • Animations

  • Video editing skills

  • Audio editing


Contact: sssvv.mmteam@gmail.com

Club Activities


  • Creating Theme based activities for primary and mid school

  • Formatting to make publishable document

  • Supporting schools in conducting activities

  • Art & Craft expertise

  • Training Teachers and Students



Masti Ki Prayogsala (MKP)

  • Creating activities

  • Conduct activities in School

  • Coordinate

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Alternate Contact: support@srisathyasaividyavahini.org


a) Asset Banao Challenge (ABC):

Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini programme has been providing valued based content     to rural schools in the form    of Lesson plans. A typical Lesson Plan in the Vidya Vahini format has 7 modules called assets. The assets are prepared to be flexible enough to be interchanged or modified as per the need. However, the feedback analysis from teachers and from the schools, supported by Vidya Vahini, threw up certain interesting gaps. To fill up that gap, Vidya Vahini     come up with Asset Banao Challenge (ABC).  The Asset Banao Challenge - a challenge that seeks to attract the best teaching minds by giving them a platform to exhibit the skills and get  recognised for their expertise and ingenuity. The challenge is open to all the content generation schools that have undergone the Vidya Vahini Training programme as well as to all supported schools. Even volunteer content generators and teachers, who are subject matter experts (not necessarily belonging to the above mentioned schools), can participate with a supportive Virtual team.

The ABC seeks to reign in more modularity, quality and excitement in the content generated, by making the     assets more concept specific, insightful, reusable, and     dynamic.

Contact: abc.sssvv@gmail.com


b) Club Activities Banao Challenge (CABC):


Club Activities is the concept of stimulating activity based learning in schools and the purpose of each club is to ignite the passion for a subject in students. With SSSVV quality process objectives, it will benefit the students with the right aptitude and interest to join one of the clubs and excel in the subject.

Furthermore, it will also benefit the teacher to get a chance to interact with a select group of students who are     genuinely interested in the subject. In the true spirit of making the process of teaching and learning enjoyable, the     teacher and the pupil would find release in savouring a subject leisurely and in depth which will indirectly benefit  the school management as the schools will truly transform into temples of education.

Club activities promote better understanding of the concept as they learn by doing. It inspires the students apply their creative ideas, knowledge and minds in solving problems. For this purpose,  SSSVV sets up five clubs in the school; Literary, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Art & Craft. Each of these clubs will run one activity every Saturday for two hours. Activities will be conducted across the 4 C's - Classroom, Corridor, Campus and Community.

From observation and experience with schools, SSSVV has learnt that for a sustained level of activity in a supported school, teaching aids and lesson     plans are vital. To make this possible, SSSVV team has created lesson plans for each club activity.  SSSVV shall provide:

Teacher's Lesson Plans:  Comprehensive Lesson Plans that has clear details of all that is required for the teacher to effectively and easily conduct the activity. Children will have a rich experience of various hands on activities which include - Games, Worksheets, Puzzles, Role-plays and Material based activities.

Student's Workbook:Each student will be given an activity book which shall highlight all the aspects of     the activity necessary for the student.

Teaching Aids: SSSVV will provide teaching aids for the implementation of club activities along with the lesson plans.

Materials: All the materials required for the activity will be given by SSSVV.


Contact: sssvv.cet@gmail.com





'Art and Craft' is the best and direct medium of inspiring a child to bring out the  hidden creative energies from within. However, sadly, 'Art and Craft' is very low  on the priority list of rural schools. There is a mis-conception that Art is a special  field that can be dealt with only by specialists. SSSVV attempts to counter this  mis-conception. Many workshops have been conducted to build the confidence  among teachers that with just a little support they could teach Art and craft to  children.   

'Sameep' series of books is the 'little support' for the teachers!

Each book in this set of 8 workbooks, for classes I to VIII, has 36activities. These  activities are designed to suit the age-group to which it caters. Moreover, this  series comes with Teacher's Handbook, which has inspiring stories, anecdotes  and teaching tips that would enable the teacher to handle the Art class with ease  and keep the children engaged and enthralled with Human Value Content.

True to the SSSVV spirit of Community Participation, these books have been created by teachers and artists from different parts of the globe.

Contact: sssvv.cet@gmail.com


d) Multi Media

Teaching aids are one of the important components of effective teaching. The  growing technology has made multimedia an Integral and effective tool in  education. Keeping in line with the quality measures of the SSSVV programme,     the volunteers are trained to create the required aids.

The multimedia team, with 4 streams, have created effective training modules,  such that, participation in SSSVV is also self rewarding. Experts in using the multimedia softwares, like the adobe suite, train and assess the voulnteers in creating the aids. The multimedia experts have training content using Instructional Design Methodology (IDM), with the support of TVS Motor, for the     streams in multimedia.

Contact: sssvv.mmteam@gmail.com


e) Mission I.T Program


The education has taken a new dimension where blackboards and notebooks  have been replaced by smart class and I pads.  Teachers get to teach the students  through e-Education where the multi-media classrooms are well-equipped with  computers and software.  Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini ensures to deploy the  computer training modules to the teachers of Sathya Sai School across India.  Currently, 24 schools have had the Mission IT program implemented which has  shows tremendous impact.  The main focus of Mission IT is to make the school  teachers/staff skilled in computer operation, who can leverage technology in teaching.


f) Mission English

Mission English is a program aimed at developing English language skills of the  teachers in a school. Rural teachers usually are not very good at the language so  the classes are usually delivered in the regional language or in poor English. This, in turn, affects the students.  Through Mission English program, SSSVV team not only  make them  better at speaking, but also in reasoning out grammatical     mistakes and applying the rules of the language in their profession.


Language is best learnt by listening. Apart from formal classes, SSSVV has also  created "Friends"-mapped carefully for matching interests-for the supported  school teachers all over India (Phone Your Friend). The teachers get a fifteen- minute call everyday(except Sunday) from their English -speaking friends.  Currently, PYF is running in 13 schools across 12 states, with 251 teachers  interacting with their English speaking friends. The average call is for 10 minutes, around 87,850 minutes of calls have taken  place.


Through this program, teachers develop confidence while speaking in English.  The school atmosphere is charged with the energy of these friendly conversations, which helps in staffroom rapport; this energy indirectly benefits     the students.


g) Masti Ki Prayogsala

Masti ki Prayogsala (MKP) aims to make Science engaging, enriching and  enjoyable. It aim at transforming the way science is taught in the schools. MKP  encourages  creative exploration over rote-learning through setting up of labs and training teachers to conduct gripping demonstration and fun-filled hands on     activities.

Each module of MKP is covered in an intense two hour session carried out by the     school science teacher, with assistance from the MKP team. After covering basic     concepts of analogies and real life examples, students participate in demonstrations and team based hands on activities, as they apply all the understanding and concepts they have leant to tackle mysteries and exercise posed to them. Currently, it has 55 member team with hub at Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai and are rapidly expanding to engage with more schools     across the country.

Contact: contact@mastikiprayogshala.org

h) Cultural Programme

The scope of Vidya Vahini extends beyond the class-room and includes activities     that help in all-round development of the students. A group of students from     each schools present a programme at occasions in Prashanthi Nilayam. Along     with the teachers from the schools SSSVV volunteers     assist in script writing,     dialogue, training, audio, video, costumes, make up,     backdrop set up and in     travel.


You may also contact us at support@srisathyasaividyavahini.org

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