What are the ‘Teaching Learning Resources’ of SSSVV?

SSSVV provides educational material that empowers the teacher and creates an IIEP i.e., Insightful, Inspiring, Enjoyable and Participative classroom. The content falls into different categories - teacher resource material that provides the teaching techniques to teach the lesson and teaching aids that can be used to enliven the classroom. The content also includes learning aids to deepen the learning of the students.


What is the 7 Asset methodology?

7 Asset methodology

The content is prepared using ‘7 Asset Methodology’ which closely aligns with the 7E model of lesson planning approach. The 7 assets are Main Script, Inquisitive Questions, Day to Day Relevance, Interesting Asides, Value Content, Suggested Activity and Questions to Assess. These diverse types of assets enable deep engagement of students with the content for insightful learning. It gives scope for exploration and interaction among peers for learning through active participation. The ‘7 asset’ methodology makes the teaching-learning an enjoyable experience for both the teacher and the students. Value components are seamlessly woven into the content to inspire the students to practice them in their daily lives  for a harmonious living with the society and the environment.  

How is the content presented?

It is provided as a ‘Master Lesson Plan’ (MLP) for a chapter that consists of 7 different types of assets or components. Each asset has a teaching aid in the form of a PPT or an audio visual aid. Learning aids in the form of worksheets are added as attachments. 

Where is the content created?

The content is created on our Content Management System (CMS).

Content Creation process

What does the process of asset creation involve?

The process of content creation begins with the planning of the assets on a planner using a template. The content author collaborates with a mentor, a value expert, and a multimedia expert to finalise the planner sheet. A reviewer's approval finalises the ‘Asset Planner’.

Each asset document is created on an asset-specific template. The multimedia expert and volunteer create an appropriate aid for the asset document. Then this undergoes a stringent review process by three reviewers - a subject matter expert (SME), a language reviewer and a multimedia reviewer - using elaborate rubrics designed to maintain a standard quality.

After every asset mentioned in the planner has been created and reviewed, they are stitched in the sequence indicated in the planner sheet to create a Master Lesson Plan or MLP. This in turn is reviewed before it is offered as part of our content.

How can I become a part of this team?

Are you inclined to volunteer in the field of education? Can you spare a couple of hours a day or 8 to 10 hours a week? Are you a person with teaching experience or have created content before or would like to liaise with various team members? Please contact us at
[email protected] +91 99012 11352 and +91 87670 49108