Program Objectives

The SOPAAN program aims to create lifelong learners by instilling passion and confidence in learning among young children. The program strives to achieve this by empowering teachers, partnering with schools/institutions, and enabling them. The core objectives of the program are:

Creating Lifelong Learners:

  • Build necessary foundational skills, nurture 21st-century skills such as critical thinking and creativity, strengthen core values and help children blossom into lifelong learners.

Empowering Teachers and Teaching Volunteers:

  • Empower Teachers & Volunteers to develop foundational skills in children, nurture 21st-century skills and strengthen core values.
  • Empower Teachers & Volunteers to objectively assess the children's learning level, define appropriate learning paths, and design learning interventions to bridge the learning gaps, accelerating learning.

Partnering with Schools/Learning Institutions:

  • Empower partnering Schools/Learning Institutions to draw a road map for implementing the program.
  • Support Partners with tools and templates for planning & tracking progress.
  • Support the development of the school as a learning organisation comprising teachers, students and the community.
  • Enable Partners to practice rigorously and improve performance as they journey along the program, supporting schools in their transformation as leaders and mentors.

Developing a leadership ecosystem for learning:

  • Nurture a learning ecosystem, developing a network of teachers, schools and institutions.
  • Nurture a platform for continuous collaborative learning and development, encouraging sharing knowledge, experience and best practices.

A need-driven program approach

Overview of SOPAAN Content

Program Objectives

How can I become a part of this team?

Are you passionate about Foundation Learning and inclined to volunteer in the development of content or impart training to teachers, or visit schools that are implementing the program to further guide the teachers? If so, can you spare a couple of hours a day or 8 to 10 hours a week?

Please contact us at:
[email protected] +91 98407 77493